Lauri's Demo Reel

My demo reel is now up on YouTube - check it out here!

                                                                            - Lauri


A small recording / audio-editing studio specialized in music for video games and other medias.
Based in Kruununhaka, Helsinki.

We've been friends for ages before founding Crownhook, and it's been our dream since being teenagers to have our own studio. We played in the same band for many years (too many, some would argue)  and now continue our collaboration in the studio!

                                                                          *photos by: Tage Rönnqvist

Lauri Koskenniemi

I’m a composer and music producer specialized in orchestral music. I’ve also played the guitar in various bands and toured in Finland, Europe, and Japan. I’ve written music for bands, advertisements, children’s tv-shows and I’m currently scoring my first video game title of which I’m super stoked! Clients with whom I’ve worked with include, among others, YLE (the Finnish public service broadcasting company) and SEK (an established Finnish marketing company).  Drop me a line or two and let’s chat about future projects or whatever else you wish!

Check out my LinkedIn profile to find more about me!

Mikael Grönroos

I'm a skilled audio engineer with a passion for music and a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast industry. I've played guitar in various bands and toured in Finland, Europe and even been big in Japan! I compose, record, mix, and master 30-40 songs in different genres on a yearly basis. My main client is YLE (the Finnish national broadcasting company) for whom I am the main composer in children's programs like Hittehatt and Strumphittarna. Besides sound design, audio editing, audio restoration and live sound I also work with picture, from camera to switcher. If you're in need of high quality recordings, musical compositions, editing skills or any sort of technical assistance, please feel free to contact me.


Check out my LinkedIn profile to find more about me!


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